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how do i unlock my mtn steppa via google acc when my data notification is off

i drawn too many unlock patterns on my phone and my data is off everytime when i try to enter the google password it says too many attempts try again in 30sec
asked Aug 31, 2014 in MTN Steppa by danielmothibedi (120 points)

1 Answer

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You would need to do a hard reset on your device and this may cause you to lose data. With pattern locks, you would have to setup a pin code as a backup on the device. Did you forget the pin code as well? In that case, refer to my previous statement.
answered Sep 17, 2014 by Administrator Master (12,090 points)
How do i reSet my account nd wher must i do that couse it cant give me the menu it need me to login first?
What must i do?

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